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Building Inspector with over 25 years experience.

Kip Kennedy was a Building Inspector Expert Witness with the City of Los Angeles for 25 years and a licensed contractor (B352160 began in 1976). He will clarify industry jargon to assist the attorney of record. He is able to legally cite code violations and render in narrative form, the applicable violations and possible remedies.

Kip Kennedy offers expert witness review and testimony for defective and abandoned construction projects. He also provides full site review with print photos for court litigation and pre-site inspection to assist the owner/ builder. Kip is an expert witness in services including, but not limited to:

  • Review Construction Work Defects.
  • Code Violations.
  • Structural Frame Assembly & Inspection.
  • Zoning Setback in Clearance.
  • Plan Reviews.
  • Fire Egress.
  • Surface Egress in "Slip and Fall".
  • Roof Failures.
  • Vehicular Storage in Access.
  • Cantilever Decks.
  • Swimming Pool Electrical Safety.
  • Mold Mildew Enviro-hazards.

For any questions and concerns about failures, feel free to call Kip Kennedy at (818)708-2741.

Abandoned Construction
Defective Workmanship
All work isn't equal. If you have a law suit pending and need an expert witness for construction, Kip Kennedy has the years of experience to assist you with your trial.
Defective Workmanship
Abandoned Construction
You've spent a lot of money and time and hired the right construction / contractor... But the construction site is now abandoned.
Positive Litigation Results
Positive Litigation Results
Provides professional "hands-on" services with the in-depth knowledge of construction forensics that has resulted in successful cases for law firms, plaintiffs, and defendants.

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