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Why choose Kip Kennedy?

Integrity, Dedication & Commitment

These are the values that are of the highest importance to Kip Kennedy. He provides unparalleled service and makes his client's his priority which is what makes him different in the industry.

Extensive Experience

Kip Kennedy has been consulted and retained on hundreds of cases throughout the years and all his clients have obtained excellent results. Every attorney that has worked with him has acknowledged the difference a true professional construction expert witness can make.

Kip's expert services and opinions are based upon his years of experience working in many construction fields. His expert reports are thoughtfully developed and hand crafted to make any case stronger for superior results. Unlike any forensic referral group or expert directory, he is the expert that you will personally be working with. Kip has a unique depth of knowledge and considers all aspects of every case prior to rendering an opinion. When a site inspection is required, Kip personally conducts the inspection for each case that requires his services with an independent and unbiased eye. He frequently knows upon immediate observation what the key and critical issues are. When forensic analysis of components is required, he has solid and long term relationships with many labs and engineering firms that will provide indisputable results that will make your case.

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